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Benjamin ashley

Associate broker
Residential real estate 

Member: GraR

616.419.0861 -

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Are you looking for a real estate professional with integrity and a deep commitment to their local community? Look no further than Benjamin Ashley. Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Benjamin's in-depth knowledge of the local housing market coupled with his industrious personality will give you a distinct competitive advantage whether buying or selling a home. Benjamin grew up in the West Grand neighborhood of Grand Rapids. He earned his business degree studying accounting and finance at Grand Valley State University. Prior to finding his true calling in real estate, Benjamin worked locally in the mortgage industry in capacities including correspondent lending, capital markets, and mortgage systems administration. In his personal life Benjamin enjoys playing hockey, gaming, cycling, cooking, and attempting to pet every animal that crosses his path. Give Benjamin a call today to learn how he can put his unique experience to work for you.

Happy people

"What can I say about Ben. I just bought my first house at 25, and I felt like I hit the jackpot with my realtor. I like Ben because he tells it like it is- he'll be straight with you on everything. Is the house you're looking at a piece of crap? He'll tell you. Is it the best you'll find for what you can afford? He'll tell you. His honest evaluation makes his praises of a good house, once you find one, all that much more meaningful. And he's been in the industry long enough that I would trust his expertise till the cows come home. He made sure to keep us safe during showings by always yelling out to alert anyone who might still be there of our presence, which made me feel a lot better as a single woman touring houses alone. He's also got great connections with other realtors, mortgage lenders, inspectors, etc. Everyone he hooked me up with was nothing short of fantastic, and when you don't even know where to start looking for help, access to that kind of dream team is priceless. But most of all, Ben cares. Treat him right and he'll treat you right. When I got locked out of my house the day after closing, who helped me break into my own kitchen window? That's right, the Benster. Toolbox in tow. If you're even thinking that you might want to buy a house at any point in the future, grab coffee with Ben. He won't pressure you into anything, and he'll help you get all the info you need." -Vanja

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