Terrence o'neil

Residential real estate 

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Terrence was born and raised on Long Island but fell in love with Grand Rapids years before he moved here. He first came to “Beer City”in 2008 while visiting his brother who had recently moved to Grand Rapids, and instantly decided that when the time comes for his next move that this would be his new home.  Four years later and that move finally happened in 2012. The combination of a small city filled with great arts, outdoor recreation, cuisine, entertainment and of course breweries made it a perfect fit for him. Terrence’s passion for health and fitness led him to be a very active member of the local CrossFit community, and he continues to hold an active coaching certificate that he still uses as part of the coaching staff at CrossFit Luminary. As a Real Estate professional Terrence really enjoys being able to help his clients seamlessly navigate through the process of buying or selling by providing the highest level of customer service possible!

Happy people

"Terrence helped us in a myriad of ways outside the scope of a regular realtor. 

1) Invaluable knowledge of the process and the "behind the scenes" negotiation tactics. Simply put, we would not have gotten our home had we ignored Terrence's advice on what to offer. That's not hyperbole, that's a  pure fact.

2) Incredible access to him during the process. Terrence lives for this stuff, it's not a side hustle, or a gateway job, or a thing he did to impress his parents. Terrence is a professional who acts, speaks, and carries himself in that manner.

3) Terrence is a good guy. So many realtors are out to make a buck at your expense. Not this guy." -Tyler and Alivia

"We highly recommend working with Terrence. He stuck with my husband and I as we drastically changed our minds about where we wanted to live and what sort of house we wanted. When we got to the negotiation phase, Terrence was very communicative and helpful, offering up advice on next steps and  possible outcomes. He couldn't have been easier or kinder to work with!!" -David and Rachel

"Terrence was incredible throughout our selling and buying process. He used his network to get us into houses early when possible and would shoot us properties before they hit MLS. Terrence was very accommodating to us during COVID and made sure that we were taken care of in a very hectic time."