Happy People.

"There's no other Realtor in West Michigan I'd rather work with, and I don't. I've worked with her on several of my personal transactions (selling rental properties, personal home and buying land) and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone I know. Alison is solid. Incredible work ethic, fast, responsive and highly communicative. She's not going to get bossed around by some other broker into a bad deal for her clients, she can hold her own just fine. On top of all that, she's an all around incredible person who has a ton of fun in her work. She makes buying/selling real estate a fun experience!" -Justin

"Terrence helped us in a myriad of ways outside the scope of a regular realtor. 

1) Invaluable knowledge of the process and the "behind the scenes" negotiation tactics. Simply put, we would not have gotten our home had we ignored Terrence's advice on what to offer. That's not hyperbole, that's a  pure fact.

2) Incredible access to him during the process. Terrence lives for this stuff, it's not a side hustle, or a gateway job, or a thing he did to impress his parents. Terrence is a professional who acts, speaks, and carries himself in that manner.

3) Terrence is a good guy. So many realtors are out to make a buck at your expense. Not this guy." -Tyler and Alivia

"Alison is wonderful. As a person, she is warm, honest, easy-going, and a delight to be around. As a professional, she is sharp, detail-oriented, knowledgable, and driven. Our process in buying a home was intended to be slow while we prepared our current house for sale, until, of course, we found  our dream home (that, it turns out, three other buyers wanted as well). She did not bat an eye at the fact that the house we wanted was a For Sale By Owner, potentially requiring more work for her. We now own that house, thanks in large part to her negotiating skills. We also love that she has tiers of options for her clients, instead of pressuring you into the "one size fits all" relationship that many real estate agents can push. We never felt pressured and always felt heard when communicating with Alison. There are many other great aspects to working with Alison, but perhaps the most important is that she is a person of integrity, and that shows in her work. We have been singing her praises to our friends and family and would recommend her to anyone." -Maggie

"Faced with a competitive offer situation, Emilie provided great advice and helped her clients land their dream home. She is knowledgeable, responsive, and puts her clients in a position to succeed. She is very passionate about her clients and her work. Highly recommended!" -John

"I highly recommend Dan DeWard!! He was so easy to work, and was over the top knowledgeable in all aspects of selling our home. He took time to explain things from a sellers perspective but also helped explain the all the rules and such that both parties needed to know. He was always available and returned our calls and answered our questions quickly. Mitten Reality is Top notch, and I highly recommend them!!"

"Jessica Smith was amazing! I needed to find a home with limited time to explore. My wife was pregnant with our second child and could not make the trip from New Jersey. Jessica provided us with fast communication and guidance regarding where we should look based on our specific wants and needs. We narrowed our search to a specific neighborhood and when the right home became available she scheduled a showing for me quickly and we secured the home before it had its first open house. My wife, son and newborn daughter love our home. Thank you, Jessica!" - Jimmy

"Working with Alison was a first class experience all the way. We were looking for an investment property in Western Michigan - she not only helped us get familiar with the areas, but toured us around and was crucial in negotiating the property we wanted. She was very responsive and always made herself available to jump on the phone when we needed to talk through various aspects of the deal. Would absolutely recommend her, and we plan to work with her again on our future investment property purchases." - Adam

"Dustin made the entire process of finding our new vacation home easy and enjoyable. He helped us narrow our search and was honest and thorough in his assessments of the property finalists. When we made our selection, he was extremely helpful in shepherding us through the inspection and closing details. He did an excellent job of working with the owner's agent, such that I felt like both parties were very happy with the results. I especially appreciated his use of electronic document signing resources. Dustin was a total professional from day one through closing!"

"We feel very fortunate to have found Alison online 3 years ago when moving to Grand Rapids due to a job relocation. Having never been to GR and not know much about the city Alison was an invaluable resource in helping us find a lovely home in a great neighbourhood. 3 years later when job  relocation called again, Alison was right there to help us get the house on the market. She had great ideas on how to present the house and what price point to aim for. Not only did we sell the house right away but we got more than we asked for." -Cameron

"My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Jessica Smith for several months. Jessica was super friendly, very professional, constantly asked for our feedback after viewing a home and always assured us that it was okay if we did not like a home. She is very knowledgeable and is always seeking new information that will help her clients. Overall, she was a joy to work with and I will recommend family and friends to her." -Nicole

"Where do I start? Emilie is exactly what a realtor should be. She was tireless in her efforts to both sell my home and in helping me find the next home for my family. Her organization, professional advice, and negotiation skills were top notch. We had some issues on both our purchase and sale, none of which were her fault, yet she jumped in with both feet and expertly handled all situations to completion. From list to close on our home took 23 days. 23 DAYS!! Unreal. Beyond expectations on so many levels. While looking for a new home, the detailed information she provided was incredibly helpful in deciding on the right home and price to offer. I couldn't be more satisfied and happy. Thank you Emilie!" - Jamie

“Alison was so great! She made what is normally a horrible, painful process bearable and easy to understand. She's incredibly quick to respond and always tells it like it is. In addition, she has a really some incredible people that she works with that further un-complicate home buying, from financing to inspection. In such a competitive market having someone like Alison on your team can be the difference of living in the home of your dreams, or just another roof over your head.” - Jody

"In the past year, Dan helped us sell two houses in two different cities and purchase our current home. We could not asked for anything more from Dan or Mitten Realty. They did a great job for us in every regard. Our three transactions went off without a single hitch! Remarkable! We have already recommended Dan and The Mitten Realty to a few of our family and friends and we would strongly encourage you to give him a try. One chose to NOT use Dan and they regretted their choice because Real Estate is not for the inexperienced, uninformed or faint of heart. Buying, selling, timing and transitions can be stressful to say the least. Dan is great medicine for the ups and downs of this process. He knows what is happening, when to take action and when to relax and wait. He understands the markets and works hard to be current. You will be happy to know Dan and have him on your team."-Jeff

“Alison was fantastic from start to finish. We were interested in an area we had little to no experience in and with a little explanation of what we were looking for, Alison found some good prospect homes for us. We made an offer on a home after one tour around town which was accepted. The post offer process went just as smoothly. Alison was very responsive to any question we had during that time. That was very important to us since it had been a long time since we last bought a home. Thank you Alison for helping us find a great home!” -Eric

"Jessica Smith was our realtor for our first home and she went above and beyond our expectations to help us with our unique requirements. She was willing to help us drive when my car was rear ended, leaving me without a vehicle. She worked with my complex time schedule, and always did her best to find houses that matched what were looking for. She was always listening to our feedback on what we liked or disliked at a showing until we found what we were looking for. She called and emailed people for us, acted as a go between when we were too busy to make calls and got information from various people to make sure places we were looking at would suit what we wanted for the future of the house. She got quotes on tree removal, gutters, and more. She was fully focused on the goal and never made us feel like she was neglecting us and never made us feel like a secondary priority despite us not being able to buy something that expensive. I really appreciate everything she did for us to help us get our home. Thanks Jessica!" -Chelsea

"I was impressed by Alison's prompt replies to my numerous questions throughout the buying process. She was very knowledgeable and happy to make the extra effort to make sure I understood things." - Sarah

"As a first time homebuyer, I had lots of questions and concerns, but Alison was quick to answer them all and put my mind at ease.  Two words that come to mind to describe my experience with Alison, honesty and integrity.  Alison was very knowledgeable and clearly had my best interest in mind, making the process much less intimidating.  I would definitely recommend Alison to any of my family and friends!" -Wendy

“Alison did a great job finding us the perfect home for our large family. She was patient, kind and worked wonders with everyone we had to do business with. We recommend her to anyone we know that is looking for a Realtor.” -Christine

"We highly recommend working with Terrence. He stuck with my husband and I as we drastically changed our minds about where we wanted to live and what sort of house we wanted. When we got to the negotiation phase, Terrence was very communicative and helpful, offering up advice on next steps and  possible outcomes. He couldn't have been easier or kinder to work with!!" -David and Rachel

"Over the past year and half Alison assisted us with purchasing land to build our new home on and selling our old home. She saved us from a bad land deal, when the land we were trying to purchase did not perk, thankfully she suggested adding that clause in the contract, so we were able to walk away from land that was not ideal for a house. The land we did purchase, Alison made the process very simple and easy to work through. Selling our home took 13 days, again she made the process very simple and walked us through all the steps needed to sell the house. For me, I prefer to do everything through email. That was how almost all of our conversations went. It was very nice to find someone that utilizes the technology available. I always had a paper trail to reference later if questions came up. I highly recommend using Alison for purchasing or selling your home." - Mike J.

“Alison is awesome and is great to work with! She is honest, loyal, and reliable. She made the process of purchasing our first home easy and non-stressful. I would highly recommend her to anyone!!!” - Meghan

"Jessica Smith did an amazing job assisting my family with finding a home. She was attentive and always available to answer questions we had. She made the home buying process so easy. I would recommend Jessica to anyone who is looking to find a beautiful new home!!!" -Laurie


“I have recommended Alison in the past and would continue to recommend her to anyone. She is extremely personable, fun to look at houses with, and very professional!” - Mike M.

"Alison was patient with us and responsive to all of our questions. We also believe she was honest with us both years, 2014 and 2015, that we worked with her. She did not overestimate our house nor encourage us to list our house at a price that was unrealistic. Additionally, she was available when we needed her to show us houses when we were searching for our new home. I'd be willing to recommend her to others. :)" - Andrew

"Alison deserves awards for her professionalism, responsiveness, caring and compassion and complete knowledge of her industry as a Realtor. Our home buying process was a long journey, and she was up front, always available and never fatigued of the path we had to wind to get to our first home. I am so thankful that we had someone who had an answer to every detail we needed to know, and honesty about the market when we needed to hear it. If you want the best team in your corner during your home purchase, do not hesitate to choose Alison and her team." -Lynne


"I wish I could rate Alison with 6 stars. She was very helpful and enthusiastic during the entire process of selling our old house and getting us into a new one. With her help, we found a place we will call home for many years." -Adam

"Jessica Smith assisted me with my most recent home purchase as I made a move to Grand Rapids. She was professional, responsive, and patient during the process. She was also able to win against other offers the first weekend the home was listed. Thanks Jessica for getting us into our new home. We’d highly recommend her to anyone!" -Jordan


"Alison is a great and easy to work with. She helped me find exactly what I was looking for. She was always quick to respond when I called her or had a question about something (which was often!). I would definitely recommend her to any of my friends who are looking for homes in the near future." - Chelsea

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