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You'll Like Us.

We’re fun, we’re funky, and we LOVE our clients. In this world of automated everything and hiding behind a screen, we value people and our relationships with them. We don’t just want you for a client, We want you as a friend. When you’re buying or selling a home you spend a lot of time with your agent. You share a lot of personal details and emotions can run high. You need to know your agent is not only working in your best interest, but is there to get to know you and assist you in making a solid decision. In order to help someone make a good decision, we need to know you. We need to understand your wants, needs, and desires, even when, in the heat of the moment, you aren’t so sure you understand them yourself. And frankly, life is short. we want to spend that short time with people that we truly connect and engage with.


And we’re very qualified.


With experience in title, property management, investment portfolios, commercial and residential real estate we have seen every end of the industry and how it all works together. We hold ourselves and our affiliates to the highest ethical and industry standards. We work off referrals only and want you to feel proud when passing along our name to a friend, family member or colleague. If, for some reason, we don’t feel properly equipped to handle your specific needs, we have an extensive referral network and will ensure you find the right partner for the situation.

Meet the GR squad

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